Matt B.

Active Sep 22, 2017

Gorgeous Urban Loft Creator Space

Moss Park - Toronto, ON

Studio Loft Brick And Beam Dream

Moss Park - Toronto, ON

Great Bistro Restaurant And Full Bar

Upper Beaches - Toronto, ON


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January 2017 | Studio Loft Brick And Beam Dream

Very helpful, super friendly, and amazing space! Complete with music, lighting options, etc. Thanks so much for all your help!


May 2017 | Gorgeous Urban Loft Creator Space

Hey, Matt! Thanks for the awesome review! It was a pleasure working with you and Gwen. Excellent team to work with. Both of you are super friendly, fun to work with, and easy to talk to! I want to personally thank you for helping with all the troubleshooting such as helping our photographer with lighting and helping us create an atmosphere by providing amazing music. I am so grateful for your kind demeanor by helping my team move our product into your studio spaces. Thank you for showing us step-by-step how everything works from the buzz code to the elevator and even how to utilize the space! All of your small and big actions was so valuable and helped to make our production a success! Thank you so much! I look forward to working with you on future projects!


May 2017 | Studio Loft Brick And Beam Dream

Through date changes and time adjustments, Matt was great to work with. His space for my group of 10 people was perfect and everyone was fascinated by how awesome it was. Bright and Airy, it's exactly like the pictures! Would definitely come back next time :)


April 2017 | Studio Loft Brick And Beam Dream

Great space to work in for video shoots. Matt and Gwen are very responsive and accommodating and we look forward to using this space again.


May 2017 | Studio Loft Brick And Beam Dream

Matt was an amazing host and ensured that our event ran smoothly. He helped us move in our supplies, ensured that we were settled and helped us to move out our supplies at the end of the event! Matt answered all my questions leading up to the event and was super accessible, friendly and helpful. It is a beautiful space and would definitely recommend this space and Matt as a host!


August 2017 | Studio Loft Brick And Beam Dream

Matt was a great host! Everything was well organized and prepared for our arrival. Matt was easy to communicate with and he made sure everything ran smoothly. Would definitely recommend this space!