Colourful Street Level Juice Bar

Coal Harbour - Vancouver, BC

Reviews for Angela


October 2016 | Colourful Street Level Juice Bar

The space had great design for a pop-up and is in a central location. Regardless of most inner city locations having foot traffic, weather can play a role in Vancouver and Angela was good at communicating it and was flexible with times. She also suggested ideas for the pop-up and overall, I would recommend the space.


September 2016 | Colourful Street Level Juice Bar

The space is nice and Angela provided what was said... But... Unfortunately there is no traffic at all in the shop. 5 to 10 pedestrians an hour are passing in front of the shop... Some more are passing in the sidewalk ... 1.5 meters below ... with a railing preventing them to see the shop... So please change the description : "thereby offering not only high foot-traffic but also a convenient location for downtown workers, near-by residents and tourists to easily walk to." which is totally wrong...

Angela's Response:

Hello Pierre, Thank you for your review and we are really sorry about the foot traffic the day during your pop up shop. The weather wasn't the greatest and it was pouring rain during our rush hour. We have communicated prior to your booking that our traffic is greatly depended on weather, unfortunately, it is out of our control :( Otherwise, our shop does truly offer high foot-traffic given our location. On the Friday of your pop up shop, from our transaction records, we actually had 93 transactions, Our area is slower during the weekend, which was also communicated to you, and hence we offered to let you use our space for free on Saturday. Once again, we were sorry about your experience, but from what I've heard, people loved your chocolates ! I wish you all the success in your future events ! :)


August 2016 | Colourful Street Level Juice Bar

Angela was super accommodating and responsive. We were operating during store hours, so the store had to keep the lights on and allow customers to come in, but it didn't affect our photo shoot at all. We needed to borrow a ladder, and they were happy to lend one. Drinks were also very delicious!