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Toronto, ON

Reviews for Evelina


June 2019 | Modern Luxury Loft

I contacted the host Evelina to get access to the condo building lounge room. In addition to lounge room booking fees the host charged 500$ (mentioned indirectly at the last minute after i submitted all paper work and paid all lounge room fees) which she said was for her time to be present/support while I had access to the room. HOST WAS NOT THERE FOR ONE SECOND. The room had dirty carpets that I drew attention to IMMEDIATELy as I entered. Through out the night concierge was unresponsive to calls to reduce the blasting heat that had the guests sweltering. I also submitted a guest list and paid for a security guard who was nice but did absolutely nothing and DISAPPEARED BEFORE THE END OF THE NIGHT. Note this event was the night that the Raptors qualified for the NBA finals for the first time in history - so yes the event was more celebratory as was probably every other event in the city of Toronto. Likely where the security ran off too. Not sure what exactly I paid for but at any rate I wouldn't recommend this host or experience. Still waiting on pictures of said damage.