Cozy Creative Community Space

Downtown Eastside - Vancouver, BC

Reviews for Nadine


June 2018 | Cozy Creative Community Space

This organization is amazing, and their space was exactly what I needed. Hives for Humanity made the process sweet and easy--would definitely book again.


May 2018 | Cozy Creative Community Space

This space is so cozy, so beautiful kept, very clean and just so easy to get to. Right before hosting my class, the space was already set up so nicely and it was well equiywoth all of our needs. Nadine is also such a delight. I was so happy to have booked with her. I will definitely book here again!! :)


March 2018 | Cozy Creative Community Space

Absolutely loved using this space, and it feels good to be able to support and organisation doing such great work! Only critique is that, being an old building, the washroom was quite cramped. Not much that can be done about that, but useful to think about if you are planning an event here!


February 2018 | Cozy Creative Community Space

Very warm space to work in, it is very interesting and helped the group feel more connected, I would use again for sure.