Atelier 254

Chinatown - Vancouver, BC

Reviews for Lex


November 2019 | Atelier 254

I have confirmed with Lex that we will arrived at 10am and he gave us two contact person to call.When we called at 10am, one person was out of town, another person was not picking up the phone until 10:20am. We have moved all our flowers and equipment out to the entrance, waited 15mins in the rain and have to moved everything back as we were not sure we will have access to the space. We finally get the access to the space at 10:30am.


September 2019 | Atelier 254

Great location! Really happy with how Lex handled the booking and communication, we will be back.


August 2019 | Atelier 254

What an amazing space! Light is great and they were so accommodating


July 2019 | Atelier 254

Beautiful room, our contact was very nice and attentive. Great experience!


July 2019 | Atelier 254

Awesome, bright space!


May 2019 | Atelier 254

Great hosts and location!


April 2019 | Atelier 254

Having previously attended many events in this space I was very excited and honored to facilitate a workshop here myself. The beautiful natural light and very comfortable atmosphere was such a treat!


March 2019 | Atelier 254

We rent this space for a photoshoot. The space is great with beautiful natural light. Very convenient location with all the amenities we need. Lex was also great in communication. Love this place! Highly recommended!


March 2019 | Atelier 254

Amazing location and space—beautiful light. Highly recommend and would book again. Thanks :)


March 2019 | Atelier 254

Wonderful space! Lots of room and big windows letting in tons of light!! Love everything about it.


March 2019 | Atelier 254

Lex is communicative, clear and accomodating


March 2019 | Atelier 254

Great studio space. Beautiful light and great location. Would book again. Thanks!


February 2019 | Atelier 254

Lex's space was perfect for our video shoot. Everything was flawless and turned out exactly how we envisioned it! The space is just as beautiful as the pictures, I highly recommend it!


January 2019 | Atelier 254

We used this space to film an interview and we left fairly disappointed. While the location itself is a neat, open environment - the location leaves A LOT to be desired for anything remotely creative. The main entrance (we were not made aware of any others) is a tiny corridor off the street that is hardly 4 feet wide, making it nearly impossible to bring anything in the realm of larger film equipment or personal furniture inside. The space also absolutely reeked of fish due to what I assume is poor ventilation (unit is directly overtop a fish market). The photos also didn't capture the space accurately - we were led to believe there was no seating in the space when there were two brown couches and a broken table with a wonky leg that had to be moved. Not a huge issue but definitely misleading. Our host also took 8+ hours at multiple times to respond to our inquiries via thisopenspace which is completely unacceptable. While all these issues may be subjective to some in terms of urgency - it should not be argued that by in far this space is vastly overpriced for the quality considered. There are a multitude of more affordable, accessible spaces within thisopenspace in Vancouver that I would recommend over this one from personal and peer experiences.


December 2018 | Atelier 254

Great space, especially the natural light is amazing; very nice host! We forgot to bring the tools we needed, and Lex was so nice to help us find one from her storage! We will come back again for sure!


November 2018 | Atelier 254

This space was great, beautiful, and worth the price. I would like to note that this space is a personal residence, and because people live here there is quite a bit of in and out traffic. There was only a sheet up between the rental space and the other area and people came in and out through my shoot about 4/5 times that day while I was doing some pretty sensitive work where privacy was a priority. It does smell a little fishy on the way upstairs but you don’t notice it in the space. Heat was also an issue, even though we were dancing in there all day we were freezing. Knowing all this, I still would have rented this space- but would have been better prepared. So I hope that the next renter reads this and has a great experience!


November 2018 | Atelier 254

Atelier 254 provided the perfect backdrop for our video shoot. It is a beautiful space full of character, with lots of natural light. Would definitely book it again!


November 2018 | Atelier 254

Lex and JP were super helpful and easy to reach. The space was exactly as pictured! Would definitely use this space again.

Design Center

October 2018 | Atelier 254

Cool space shown exactly from his photos.


October 2018 | Atelier 254

A rare gem of a space. Film folks, if you have any stunts that require wire rigging work, this place is perfect with all it's wooden beams and rafters.


October 2018 | Atelier 254

The Space was very clean and great for our photoshoot. We would definitely shoot here again!


October 2018 | Atelier 254

This was a perfect space for our photo shoot. Communication on arrival and departure was excellent. Thank you!


September 2018 | Atelier 254

Lex was the perfect host. Very accommodating, responded quickly to any communications and our needs. The space was perfect for our event and I could see it being very versatile for other events. I would recommend Atelier 254 to anyone!


August 2018 | Atelier 254

The space was exactly as expected. The big windows were amazing to use with nice soft light and the space was overall perfect for the photoshoot!


August 2018 | Atelier 254

Nice space. Chose it for the light and windows.


August 2018 | Atelier 254

Amazing space!! Love it!


July 2018 | Atelier 254

DO NOT RENT. We had a terrible experience! First of all it is above a market and smells of rotten fish. It’s reallt difficult to breath without inhaling the smell especially without any air flow. The landlord was incredibly difficult to work with. My friend and I booked the space for a yoga workout. We were there for 2 hours and were unable to get ahold of the caretaker to lock up. After calling out multiple times we had to leave so I could relieve my babysitter. We left the place in as good of condition as we found it. We shut the door and left. I’ve had to pay my full deposit due to the fact that I was unable to lock the space. (No damages) The landlord was incredibly aggressive and rude and very unprofessional. I would never recommend.


June 2018 | Atelier 254

Great space. A bit smaller than photo makes it appear so would suggest doing a site visit in advance if you really need to get perspective on size. Handy for our particular use is that the light fixtures/hanging lamp shades you see in the photo can be unplugged and removed if all put back the way it was found.


June 2018 | Atelier 254

Great space! We used it for a small product photo shoot and loved using the brick wall for that. While there is a lot of natural light, it does only come from one side, so if you are planning to take photos, bring a reflector or additional lighting to help balance it out!


June 2018 | Atelier 254

Atelier 254 is a beautiful space, even better in person. It brought on great vibes, big thanks to the sound system you can use. We used the space for a swimwear shoot, taking advantage of the big windows and natural light. I highly recommend this space for photo shoots. Lex and JP were easy to communicate with too. We’ll definitely plan to use the space for more shoots!


May 2018 | Atelier 254

Great space for creative shoots! I would definitely book it again for another project.


April 2018 | Atelier 254

Very lovely. Would recommend

Three Little

April 2018 | Atelier 254

This studio was perfect for our shoot. It's a beautiful space and worked for the look we wanted. We made a custom booking and Lex was great with accommodating us.


April 2018 | Atelier 254

Awesome space!


March 2018 | Atelier 254

This was a great space for our photo shoot - bright spacious and easy to access. Would totally recommend it!


March 2018 | Atelier 254

This space was perfect!! Spacious and bright, great for natural lighting photography. The curtains came in handy and even the ceilings for floral installations.


March 2018 | Atelier 254

Great space and it was easy to communicate with the host.


March 2018 | Atelier 254

Space was perfect. As pictured. As promised. Couldn't have asked for anything more. Highly recommend.


February 2018 | Atelier 254

Loved this space, so dreamy!! Definitely using again


February 2018 | Atelier 254

Great experience and a great space. Would (and will) use again.


January 2018 | Atelier 254

This was my second time booking Atelier 254, albeit for completely different reasons. This time around, we needed a beautifully lit open space to for some photo and video media production and a larger team of around 8 people. Communication was easy and we were allowed to come in a little early to set up which was really kind! Highly recommend booking this space for a great experience.


September 2017 | Atelier 254

Bright open space, however, not really suitable for more than a few hours of photoshoot production as amenities are very limited.


August 2017 | Atelier 254

I really enjoyed working in the studio, it's a beautifully lit space with lots of natural light and room. Lex was really fast at responding and super friendly, so easy to work with! I look forward to renting it again in the future.


July 2017 | Atelier 254

We did a photoshoot in Lexani's space. It was very photogenic and easy to work in. Lexani was very communicative and helpful when we needed to reschedule some our move out unexpectedly.


May 2017 | Atelier 254

I really enjoyed working in this space! The natural lighting itself is absolutely beautiful, which made it perfect for the shoot I was working on. Simple, bright, spacious, clean and it was nice having the exposed brick and white wall to work with. Yes, there's a bit of an odour because of the fish market downstairs but you can easily work around it - bring some scented candles or burn some incense and you're good to go!! Great for ambiance too :) if you're looking for a simple/minimal setting to do a shoot this space is perfect!


April 2017 | Atelier 254

An incredible space for shooting, the light is beautiful and it's so great to find a big open/empty space. Lexani was very quick to reply and easy to communicate with.


March 2017 | Atelier 254

Lexani was super easy to communicate with and the space was perfect for our shoot.


February 2017 | Atelier 254

This space was great! Beautifully lit and clean, it was exactly what we needed.


February 2017 | Atelier 254

The Atelier is lovely - in my opinion even more beautiful in person. It was exactly what I needed for my simple shoot. There's plenty of natural light and open space for getting creative. Dealing with the hosts was a breeze and they were easy and a pleasure to communicate with. I'd recommend this space to others!


October 2016 | Atelier 254

The photos make it look like you have access to a pool table etc... and you don't. Also, the studio is above a fish market, so there is a foul odor in the studio. Would have been nice to know. That aside, the studio owner was lovely and accommodating.

Lex's Response:

Thanks for the review Mavreen. We've adjusted our photos to omit the ones with furniture as they were only used to give a proper ratio of size to reference the space. To any of you future renters, yes the studio is above a fish market so please keep that in mind for your upcoming projects :)


September 2016 | Atelier 254

Lexani's space is just as it appears online if not better. It's full of amazing beautiful natural light that made it a joy to shoot in. I would highly recommend it and will be using the space again for sure!


July 2016 | Atelier 254

The Atelier 254 is a comfortable shared space - clean and a little rustic, with plenty of character. Soft, indirect, natural light during the day made it fantastic for a photo shoot. Lexani is down to earth, easy to talk to, and quick to respond to any requests. We did have quite a bit of equipment, and there are some stairs to get up to the space, which was no problem for us - but be prepared for them. Overall, Atelier 254 is incredible value for what it offers, and we would definitely book here again.