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September 2016 | Creations Gallery

This is a great storefront space in the East Village, perfect for a pop-up art or fashion shop. Basically, it's just a big empty white room and you can do what you want with it. One very important detail is that it has a toilet. Mark was very good with communication and everything went smooth. The hours are 11 to 8, so not suited for a later type of event. Rate is very reasonable for the location and size.


July 2016 | Creations Gallery

The perfect space for what I needed. Mark was easy to communicate and a pleasure to work with.


September 2016 | Creations Gallery

The floor was filthy when I arrived, but it was filthy when I viewed the space so maybe I shouldn't have expected anything different on the day of my event. When I arrived, I tried to wash my hands in the restroom only to discover there was no water. Thank goodness I didn't use the toilet; I wouldn't have been able to flush! The manager next door (who gave me the keys) said a construction crew shut down water to the building and he showed no concern for the problem this created for me. Later, after my event was underway, Mark's brother came in and when I complained about the water, he said, "it's out of our control." I replied, "Yes, that's true, but you could have told me in advance so I could make preparations." Mark's brother said they received notice the day before that the water would be turned off. So why wasn't I informed?! I was serving food to guests who were unable to wash their hands or use the toilet. Smh. Furthermore, there were 2 bums hanging around outside just feet from the door, begging people for cash. Needless to say, I'm very unhappy with my experience. The price was one of the main reasons why I booked this place. I guess you really do get what you pay for...