Pop Up Studio Montreal

Montréal, QC


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Reviews for Sandro


January 2017

Sandro was a pleasure to work with. He had a wonderful event in the space, and communicated effectively. He treated the space like his own. I truly hope to work with him again in the future!


August 2017 | Pop Up Studio Montreal

Sandro was great and the space was exactly as pictured. Thank you and will be booking again!


July 2017 | Pop Up Studio Montreal

Sandro was amazing to deal with. He was always very respectful and prompt with his responses. He always accommodated my needs, texts, and questions (and I had a few!). He was always flexible and available for visits before I rented the space. He was an excellent middle-man with the landlord of the space, who was also great, and he had both of our best interests equally in mind. Would definitely recommend Sandro and thisopenspace to my people and will work with him again for future events!


August 2017 | Pop Up Studio Montreal

awesome space !


August 2017 | Pop Up Studio Montreal

Sandro was great to work with and very communicative. The space was beautiful and large, definitely a great space to host a pop-up or gallery!


August 2017 | Pop Up Studio Montreal

Awesome space ! We didn't had wifi at the beginning because of some technical issue and they sent a technician right away. Super effective + beautiful space !


December 2017 | Pop Up Studio Montreal

Great space with amazing location! Communication was good and the owner is very flexible! The left entrance door is hard to open and close, it needs a fix. It is unpleasant in the winter when you can't keep the door open for customers. + the air goes through the front windows.