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Intimate Rustic Speakeasy Bar

Dufferin Grove - Toronto, ON


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April 2017 | Intimate Rustic Speakeasy Bar

My experience was amazing, from beginning to end Faye was so helpful and quick to respond when booking. Wenona Lodge was the absolute perfect place for the the 30th birthday I threw for my brother recently. The decor, bartender and food were all 10/10, our guests couldn't stop raving about the food! I would definitely book here again for a private, intimate event and would recommend it to anyone as you won't be disappointed!


March 2017 | Intimate Rustic Speakeasy Bar

We had a great time in the space! It was perfect for a birthday party, and the venue had all the music equipment that my DJ needed. They were really easy to communicate with, kind and professional. They set the space up beautifully so that I needed to just arrive on the day of my party and have fun! It was perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Great value!! All of that being said, the venue owner accused my party of making a mess in the bathroom at the venue following the party. However, the bathroom was not private and was patronized by everyone in the bar, and the venue owner had no direct proof tying someone in my party to the mess. She speculated that since I was having a dance party, someone in my party must have been the one to make the mess, which seems unfair. The party was attended by about twenty of my closest friends, all of whom are in their 30s and are responsible and respectful adults. The venue owner also told me that a similar mess had occurred at the venue at least twice in the past, so it seems that there is not a real reason to think that someone in my party was the culprit. I did not appreciate being accused of this without evidence, and having it written in my review that someone in my party made a mess at the venue. It may prevent me from recommending the space to others in the future, despite the fact that I really had a great time and loved the venue.


February 2017 | Intimate Rustic Speakeasy Bar

Faye and her partner have an incredible space for small intimate events. From the moment that I first created the booking right to the very end, Faye was friendly, inviting, accommodating and went above and beyond of what was expected of her. She even personally served us our food and drinks! If we had the space longer I'm sure we would asked her to perform a number with us. When you see the space for yourself, you'll be trying to think of an event to use it for. I know I am. Thanks Faye and all the staff for making our event so memorable.


April 2017 | Intimate Rustic Speakeasy Bar

Faye was very friendly when we first met and she introduced me to the space. It was the perfect size for the amount of people I was expecting to come. Our server, Nick, was lovely to chat with early on in the night and was very quick with serving drinks. He was able to whip up some custom made drinks for me also since it was my birthday. He definitely set an impression on a few of my friends. They thought he was a laid back guy. So, I am glad he was our server for the night! If I had to host another event, I would definitely do it here again. Absolutely loved the vibe and my guests had a great time.


May 2017 | Intimate Rustic Speakeasy Bar

Absolutely lovely space. The staff was great, and everything went smoothly. My friends loved the space and we had an awesome dance party in the basement. Great space!