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Makeup Hair And Photo Studio

Mount Pleasant - Vancouver, BC


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July 2016 | Makeup Hair And Photo Studio

Used her space for a boudoir photoshoot and the location far exceeded my expectations. Her space was beautifully decorated and awash in lovely indirect natural lighting which was perfect for photography. Free street parking right in front of the building was a pleasant surprise. Faye was available and helpful throughout the entire process.

Faye's Response:

Thanks so much for coming in!


December 2016 | Makeup Hair And Photo Studio

Fast to respond, friendly, and flexible. Will definitely be booking with her in the future!


August 2016 | Makeup Hair And Photo Studio

Had a fantastic experience using Faye's space as a photoshoot location. The space has amazing natural light and is beautifully furnished and decorated. Faye was extremely accommodating, helpful and easy to communicate with. Thanks so much!


September 2016 | Makeup Hair And Photo Studio

Great space and Faye was awesome to work with. I highly recommend this rental!


October 2016 | Makeup Hair And Photo Studio

Faye is absolutely amazing. She's quick, responsive, and SO accommodating. The space is gorgeous in real life and every bit of decor has been carefully curated. It's incredibly accessible from the front entrance and there is parking right out front. Would definitely book again.