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Markham, ON

Reviews for lisa


December 2020 | Morden Photography Studio

Lisa was very accommodating! I spoke with her several times and she was very thorough and helpful...not to mention this space was exactly what we needed! Thanks so much for everything


November 2020 | Morden Photography Studio

Love this studio. Have used it multiple times and every time it is exceptionally clean and great for photoshoots.


October 2020 | Morden Photography Studio

I really love this space and see myself using it again soon. It's spacious and clean.


October 2020 | Morden Photography Studio

Lisa was amazing. I enjoyed my time.


December 2019 | Morden Photography Studio

Great experience and service.

David Danesi

September 2019 | Morden Photography Studio

Amazing space!


August 2019 | Morden Photography Studio

It was an awesome experience! I did a simple shoot but will be back in the very near future!


July 2019 | Morden Photography Studio

Really good space for professional photos and video. You have access to great lighting and a wind machine. There’s also a sound bar so you can you listen to music while your shooting! Will book again!


June 2019 | Morden Photography Studio

Amazing. Had everything I needed.


January 2019 | Morden Photography Studio

This space is beautiful, spacious and lets you really get what you need done. The pictures do not do this gorgeous space justice. I loved the variety in lighting, and amenities. I couldn't ask for a better space to work in.


December 2018 | Morden Photography Studio

This studio has all the amenities our photographer needed for our family photo shoot. She was quite pleased to simply show up with her camera and start snapping. Saved her a bunch of time! The only recommendation I have for anyone booking this space is to find out up front what unit number you'll be in and what time you can expect to be let in. It wasn't clear when we booked the space (and I didn't realize it wouldn't be obvious exactly where to go upon arrival) and we showed up to what appeared to be a giant industrial space with a variety of unoccupied and unidentifiable units. I did worry for a bit that we had been scammed, but fortunately E came through in the end got us into our space at our agreed-upon time. Looking forward to seeing how our pictures turned out!


November 2018 | Morden Photography Studio

This place is spectacular! I would use it over and over again. I live in Brampton and even though it’s far from my house I would use it every time. The amenities are amazing, they even gave my daughter the wifi password for her iPad while she waited! Easy to get in and out, very happy with the various backgrounds that we were able to use in this one space!!


November 2018 | Morden Photography Studio

Lisa was a great host and facility was amazing. Definitely will use it again and i have photographer friends who will be using it in the near future.


April 2018 | Morden Photography Studio



March 2018 | Morden Photography Studio

Second time visit - Great venue, friendly staff!


February 2018 | Morden Photography Studio

Great venue and friendly host! Thank you for letting us use your space.