Reviews for Motion


February 2018 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

This was my second time hosting in Motion's space and, once again, it was a FANTASTIC experience from start to finish. Motion is so kind, helpful and accommodating -- he makes planning a total breeze. His staff are super friendly and helpful, too, ensuring great service was provided to my guests all night long. I love this space so much - in a great location and it's a beautiful spot. I highly recommend this for any kind of party! Will definitely book again!


February 2018 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

A great space run by great people. Fit the 30 people in our event comfortably but could probably accommodate up to 50. The two staff members we had were extremely friendly, attentive and conscientious, constantly clearing the room of empties and checking if things were going well. They had a narrow selection of alcohol, but it was completely serviceable. If you have specific tastes or needs, you might consider inquiring into BYOB. Best bet is to visit the space beforehand and see if the vibe and location are a good fit for your event. If they are, rest assured everything else will be point.


December 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

The space was amazing! It looks like it's really small but there's a lot more room than expected. We had over 40 guests but we definitely could've had more as the space seemed a little empty at times. Would definitely rent again!!

Victoria S

December 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Great value for money, the staff who were there to serve us booze were warm and friendly, they even had a signature cocktail they made for us. Great for smaller, intimate events.


December 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion is a great guy and he helped me every step of the way to make sure my experience was the best it could be.


November 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

This space was great. We had a friends Celebration of Life here and it was the perfect venue for what we needed. It was warm, welcoming and the catering and drinks were perfect.


November 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion was very helpful in providing everything we needed for our launch party. The staff were friendly and were a big key to the success of the night.


October 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion was a great host. He was able to make some good suggestions leading up to the evening and was able to accommodate our needs.


August 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

I hosted a 30th birthday party at this venue, and it was fantastic! Great timely communication prior to the event. The space was perfect for our group of 35 people. The staff were great! Would definitely recommend this space.


July 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

I wish the option of giving 6 starts was available. Motion was great, the venue, service and overall experience were superb.


June 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop



June 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Great! experience! Communication with Motion was so easy and every question and request was answered and accommodated. The night of our event was so smooth. The staff was excellent and so easy to work with. Our guests loved the space as well - we will be back for sure!


June 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion is a rock star. He and his crew were so accommodating; every one of my requests was met with a "no problem!!" He responded to each email quickly, and made me feel calm and taken care of. His staff were easy going, yet responsible and took care of all the little details once the party started. Words can't express my gratitude for their positivity and the space!


June 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

I had an excellent experience working with Motion and his team. The highlight for me was the staff friendliness, availability, and flexibility for what the event needed. They were absolutely excellent to us and my guests had a wonderful time. I appreciated Motion's availability and promptness. The open-mic style private event was a great success. Thanks again!


June 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Booking the venue was easy and straightforward. It was perfect for our event and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. The guests especially enjoyed the hot sandwiches that were provided.


June 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

A great venue for our group and our AGM. Motion was helpful, friendly and made sure we had everything we needed and agreed upon. A lovely historical and groovy setting for any event! Tasty food, snacks and beverages, great staff on site. Thanks so much!


June 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion wad very easy to deal with! The place was a very nice space for the social event we had. The staff was AMAZING!! very clean and easy to get to. Love all the action on hastings street at that hour of night!!!


May 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion and his staff are great - quick to respond and accommodating to our needs. I look forward to hosting more events at this place in the future.


May 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

I hosted a fundraiser here with 55 guests! Everything was fabulous. It wasn't too squishy at all. We could have even fit more people comfortably. Motion and two other staff members (Emma and Emma!) were so helpful. Motion was very accommodating in all aspects of organizing the event. I indicated how much money I wanted to spend on food and he did everything for me providing fresh in house appetizers throughout the night. The bar was great as well. They were accommodating in all sorts of specialty drink requests. Working with Motion and the two staff who worked the night of the party made everything so EASY! I would recommend this space to anyone looking to hold an event - a fundraiser - a get together - a staff party - a celebration - it's perfect, a great modern space - and totally affordable. Thank you for all your help !!


May 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion was amazing from the beginning. I had so many questions as it was my first time using this site. He always got back to me so quickly with answers. The space was perfect to host my birthday party. So many people messaged me afterwards saying how it was such a great idea to host my party here. I'm so glad I found this place! We had an amazing time. Thank you Motion!


May 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion was FANTASTIC to work with -- , kind, communicative and helpful. The space itself is perfect and the staff was lovely and courteous. A true 5-star experience, will absolutely book again. Thank you Motion!!


April 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

The room was perfect for an in and out evening of about 60-70 people. The room never felt crowded or uncomfortable and with the long table in the middle of the room, created a natural flow. The staff were friendly, attentive, and I would happily recommend the space. Communication in the lead up to the event was straightforward, and easy.


April 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Made hosting our event for 35 people easy — was flexible and adapted to our needs on the fly. You can tell they do this all the time. No fuss, no muss.


March 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

I threw an amazing birthday party here. The space was gorgeous and even more spacious then I thought it would be. The staff provided excellent service throughout the night and Motion was super friendly and accommodating as well as promptly with communication. The beer on tap was delicious and everything was just a great value. Choose this space!


March 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Great space! Motion and his staff were beyond helpful and accommodating. Highly recommend!


February 2017 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Motion and his team were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We had a superhero themed 30th surprise party and both Motion and the team were very accommodating and helpful. It was a success and all our guests cannot stop talking about the place. I cannot thank you enough, will definitely recommend this place to others and book again if we have another event like this!


December 2016 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

We wanted a place away from our office for our Christmas party. I've been to this BATW location for coffee and lunch and several occasions and was happy to see it was available to host our event. While it was a little snug once everybody had arrived, the staff were obliging and helpful in shifting the tables around to better suit our needs. They have bar service, which helped immensely, and they let us bring in our own food. We can be a little loud and boisterous when we get together socially, but the staff were gracious and accommodating, even when it became obvious we'd be there after the pre-arranged cut-off time (my apologies once again). I highly recommend Motion as a space for a private function. It's a fun and funky venue, and great value for the location.

Motion's Response:

Glad you had a good time! Can't wait to have you back :)


September 2016 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

We held out engagement party here and it was wonderful! Motion was excellent at facilitating our event + was very flexible in working within our budget. The team on staff the night of were excellent as well!!! It felt like we hosted an event at a cool friends place - we were so comfortable and trusted everything would be great. We would definitely choose to host another party here and will recommend this to anyone who asks.


July 2016 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

We celebrated our 30th birthday at Bean Around the World last night, and we had an incredible time! Motion and his team were immediately welcoming and really went above and beyond from the set up of our party through to the clean up. The space was perfect for our celebration, and all of our friends raved about it and made mental notes for future events, but really, their friendly and sincere service was something to write home about. They never stopped smiling all night, and they kept our guests happy, which made our experience all the more memorable. A massive, heartfelt thank you to Motion and his team!


July 2016 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

I rented out the cafe at night for my 30th birthday party and I'm extremely happy I did. Motion was very accommodating and made the whole process really easy. The bartending staff was very friendly and my guests all had a great time and commented on how great the space was. A great place for an event!


June 2016 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

Loved this space. Great staff!


May 2016 | Eclectic Gastown Coffee Shop

It is such a great space to host any event. Motion was really helpful and flexible. Would defintiely book the space again for a party.