Reviews for Rahyma


May 2018

Rahyma and her designs were dynamic and energetic, a perfect fit for the dynamic energetic space! Her character, work ethic and communication enabled me to properly provide her with everything that she needed to have a successful 2 day pop up shop. She was inspiring, invigorating and a wonderful experience for the weekend. Her garments were stunning, her charisma inspiring and her professionalism admirable. Her set up was functional and well thought out, it was a pleasure to see her work amplified by the beauty of the space. To watch her clients move around the space with the room to admire, appreciate and purchase was very rewarding to see. Thank you Rahyma, I am so happy that your respectful use of the space and well executed set up had such success for your retail pop up.


September 2017

Rahyma was great! And her customers where great too! I would rent the space to her again !

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