Dupont And Ossington Loft Space

Wallace Emerson - Toronto, ON


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June 2017 | Dupont And Ossington Loft Space

Had an amazing time at Alice's studio. Photos from my shoot exceeded my expectations thanks to the wonderful lighting and props (stools, backdrops, etc.) Very much an ideal space for photographers. Would be ecstatic to get to work here again. Thanks!


June 2017 | Dupont And Ossington Loft Space

First time using this place for back to back photoshoots. This place was perfect for us. Loved the white brick background and we got lots of natural light. No speed lights needed just a reflector and we were good to go. From the outside the building looks a little dodgy but the studio was great. The place can easily accommodate 4 - 6 people with a full lighting setup. Something to keep in mind is that there are no elevators and the studio is on the fourth floor. Consider then when packing your gear.


September 2017 | Dupont And Ossington Loft Space

This is my second time booking this space. I thoroughly enjoyed booking this space from Alice. Her and her partner were both very kind and courteous and a pleasure to rent from. The space is just what I needed and the natural light in the space is incredible. I will definitely be booking this space again!


September 2017 | Dupont And Ossington Loft Space

Alice and Dan were a pleasure to book from. The light in this space is incredible! Will be booking a lot more with this space.