Reviews for Mitchell


May 2017 | The Venue 326

We've held two events in this space and find it can be easily made into exactly what we were looking for. It is located close to downtown (convenient for our guests) and there was plenty of on-street parking from 6pm onwards. Amy replied quickly to inquiries.


April 2017 | The Venue 326

This space is as beautiful as it look. The tall ceilings and blank space leave a lot of great potential. But after throwing an event here I’m not sure how suitable it is for late night parties. Amy, the Director, is lovely, but there were a lot of miscommunications on day of the event. The price we were given included sound, sound set up, cleaning and security - and there were issues with all these things. We had to ask for monitors to be at the event, a staple of any sound system, and sound set up did not finish until half an hour after we opened doors. We were told the security company would be mostly women-identified and non-confrontational, which is why we did not insist on bringing in our own people for our queer event. We found one of two security staff to be rude to our guests, demeaning of creating an inclusive space to all genders, not not willing or open to feedback. We even had to ask for the particular security employee to be switched. The Venue Manager, who listened and heard our feedback, did intervene and speak to the employee, and ended up calling the security company for another employee to take over. When we booked the venue were also told there were not many neighbours nearby to make noise levels too much of an issue. That they try not to have folks congregating outside but it isn't a huge deal. At 11pm we were asked to closed the doors to the main venue room and were consistently told to quiet our partygoers outside in the smoking area, which made for an unpleasant space where people felt over surveilled. If a venue is open to late night events, they may need to think more about noise concerns. After all, it isn’t fair for events to be shamed for doing exactly what they said they’d do. In advance we were told that cleaning was a part of the package, though at the end of the night the site manager told us everything had to be put back, which we understood as part of the cleaning fee we paid into. In our booking we had opted to buy out the bar and sell our own liquor. We were told our fee included one paid bar back at $20 an hour. On the night of there were two bar backs which was fine for us. We had hired two of our own bartenders, but at 11pm we were told both bar backs would be getting tipped out from our bartenders' tips. We were fine with a small % but throughout the night that % kept getting larger. By closing, they wanted an even split. This would have been fine if we had been informed in advance as we had hired our bartenders telling them there would only be two people in the tip pool. It seemed unfair to suddenly have to take their money. Overall, the Beaumont Studios is a beautiful space, especially for photoshoots and day time events. If you are interested in throwing a late night dance party here, just be very clear on all the details in advance.


April 2017 | The Venue 326

These studios are a fantastic facility, we love working here!


March 2017 | The Venue 326

Great space and easy to get in and get out with video production gear.


January 2017 | The Venue 326

Amy was wonderful! Great communication, it was very easy to book with her and she was great and accommodating us for our Sunday morning shoot! The space was great and we're really happy w the results!