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Reviews for Antonio


February 2020 | Private Stage And Bar

Antonio was great to work with and communication was A+. The space is described accurately. 😊⭐🦋🌻


January 2020 | Private Party Space

The space was fantastic and they had everything that we needed! Antonio was very helpful and accommodating. Would highly recommend this space!


January 2020 | Venue For Photo And Video Shoots

Antonio was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns. He did a good job accommodating my party which I appreciate so much. The staff was very friendly. I would go back again in the future. Definitely recommend!


December 2019 | Private Party Venue

Antonio was super helpful from the beginning, answering all my questions as it was my first time using The space was great, and we were able to host our party at the main floor (which is much bigger) since it wasn't being used. The party was amazing and I'd definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a private space to have a danfe party. Thanks Antonio!!


December 2019 | Private Party Space

I love booking the Smiling Bhudda. This is now my third event here and I will doing more for sure. The staff is always helpful, and the sound is off the chain!


December 2019 | Private Party Venue

Helpful team, I loved Jaleesa our bartender, Antonio provided all the amenities and my party was super successful..


November 2019 | Private Party Venue

Great space for a party and very accommodating staff


November 2019 | Private Party Venue

I used this space for a costume dance party this past Saturday and I love it. Our bartender was so nice and all the staff made sure everything my DJ needed was out and ready for when we got there. I definitely will be renting this venue again in the near future. My friends said they had a lot of fun. Hopefully next time we can use the upstairs to have a bigger party! Thanks again Antonio!


November 2019 | Private Party Space

The space has met the expectations. Communication was responsive and on point. Will book again!


November 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

Antonio was such a pleasure to work with! Very helpful and accommodating, we can’t wait to work with him again in the future. He handled our party very well and kept the venue well staffed for our sold out event. We heard. I thing but positive reviews from our attendees as well. Thank you for everything Antonio!


November 2019 | Meetings Workshops And Conference Space

The space was everything we had hoped for- it was clean, spacious, and the owners were a breeze to work with. 10/10


October 2019 | Private Party Venue

Great place to host an event. Super helpful, attentive, and fun staff. Great speakers and karaoke screen.


October 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

Antonio was quick responding with questions and was very helpful with the set up! Event ran smoothly :) would book an event here again


October 2019 | Private Party Venue

the space is really good for the price!


September 2019 | Private Party Venue

A+ Rented this space to a host a birthday party. I was allowed to put up decorations and use their projector and speakers. Antonio was super communicative during the whole experience beforehand and during. Let me know what equipment they had for my DJ's and gave me the measurements I needed for decorations. The upstairs event was cancelled for the evening and I was given the option to move my party upstairs, to the larger space. I liked the vibe of downstairs so I stayed put but it was a thoughtful gesture on Antonio's behalf. Would 100% recommend


September 2019 | Private Party Venue

Antonio's event space was the perfect spot for mine and my friends birthday party. The space was perfect and the staff was really great during the night. Antonio was very accommodating for all me and my friend's needs, he is a fast responder, and made everything just go as smooth and perfect as we wanted to have the best birthday ever.


September 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

Antonia was a very accommodating host, who had suggestions, and was quick to act on any ideas that would make things run more smoothly. I will do other events here for sure.


September 2019 | Private Party Venue

The venue was the perfect spot for the brithday party I was throwing, They even offered to let us use the upstairs for karaoke, but found the event space so comfortable and inviting!


September 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

Good communication skills, very good, very professional handling. Would not hesitate to deal with Antonio again.


August 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

Great venue for private events. Very helpful and supportive staff. Excited to come back


August 2019 | Private Party Space

Antonio was so accommodating and helpful! Did a last minute booking because my original host cancelled on me due to an eviction. Antonio saved the day!! His space was so clean and amazing!


August 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

l hosted an event here and between the venue being absolutely filthy upon my arrival time the staff on shift was horrible. There was used napkins and cups all over the floor. There was empty water bottles everywhere. It was gross. I barely got greeted by the male worker who was very unprofessional and extremely rude. passive aggressive for no reason. He had rules of his own that weren’t listed on the page. anything I asked for it was a problem. They interrupted my event and starting throwing people out. Slammed the door in my mothers face. I didn’t get his name but he was an absolute ***hole as was his side kick. I would never ever in my life tell someone to go there and even get a drink of water. I couldn’t believe the quality of the service. I could honestly go on for pages. All in all, save yourselves the trouble.


August 2019 | Private Party Venue

It was great working with Antonio and crew. They made sure everything was set up on time, helped organize tables, and even bought some of my art for the venue! Would gladly host another event there!


July 2019 | Private Party Venue

This space is very convenient. This is my 2nd time booking and I would recommend for anyone who wants to have a party & needs a great open space.


July 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

The space was a perfect size for my birthday party of 50 people! Sound system was perfect, and the stage is an awesome feature. The staff the night of were super easy to work with.


June 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

Great host! Very accommodating and easy to communicate with. I would definitely book this space again.


March 2019 | Private Party Venue

Hosted a 20th birthday here and had an absolute amazing time! I had to change dates and Ilya was really understanding. The staff was incredible, I was upgraded to the main floor for FREE, honestly I couldn't have asked for a better experience. It's a great venue close to the 506 Streetcar which made it super easy to get there/back home for everyone.


March 2019 | Private Party Space

Space was exactly what I wanted for my birthday event.. space was very strict on shutting everything down at 2am.


February 2019 | Private Party Venue

The venue was exactly how it was pictured, and it was a great night !


February 2019 | Private Stage And Bar

Such a great venue, thank you so much for having us we loved filming our shoot in your space.


January 2019 | Private Party Venue

Had a great time at this venue! Rented the downstairs and we were upgraded to upstairs because the upstairs concert cancelled. Friendly staff, helpful, was able to decorate as we wanted.


December 2018 | Private Party Venue

Fantastic space. Will absolutely be using it again. Great price for a great time.


December 2018 | Private Party Venue

This place was booked for a private dinner / birthday party last minute. I had booked another space but they cancelled on me last minute. Anyways, Ilaya communicated with me clearly and called to reschedule plans. I appreciated the open communication. First, this space is usually not used for a dinner type event but that was the kind of party I had. However, the hosts I met on site were very helpful from beginning to end, they helped me gather tables I needed to set up for my party and they were there to help me set up sound for playing music. They were really kind from start to finish. I had a blast with my frds of about 30 pple, we ate, mingled and danced in this private space and there were no strict rules on how I could decorate so that was a BIG PLUS for me. Thank you so much for adding to the cheer for my party!


November 2018 | Private Party Venue

ATTEMPTED to shoot a video. I Booked and paid 4 weeks in advance. Communicated throughout the 4 weeks giving updates and constant confirmations that I was going to use the space. The day of the booking I got completely GHOSTED. Ilya Didn't open door, didn't answer phone. I rented equipment got a videographer director extras etc. Just to sit outside for 4 hours waiting and calling. I tried contacting thisopenspace and they were no help. Told me I'd get a call back. Of course I didn't. I am currently awaiting compensation


November 2018 | Private Party Venue

Very accomodating and great communication. Would use this space again!


November 2018 | Private Party Venue

Ilya and the whole team were fantastic hosts and extremely helpful throughout the entire process would highly recommend. Great communication and all around amazing experience with them!


November 2018 | Private Party Venue

I had a get together for my birthday at this venue and it was exactly as seen on the pictures. Ilya showed me the place after I booked it and communication with her was good overall. The day of, the staff were very helpful and accommodating in helping us get set up. Morgan, who was at the bar, was great! All in all, it was a good time!


November 2018 | Private Party Venue

Ilya is a fantastic host - very informative, communicative, and especially helpful. Thank you!


October 2018 | Private Party Venue

I loved throwing a birthday party at this location! I paid for the bottom but you guys graciously upgraded us to the concert hall space above which was so kind and sweet! Thank you for your kindness and for hosting us! Will definitely think of this place again for the next party!


October 2018 | Private Party Venue

If you have the chance to get a space from Ilya, do it. She was extremely accommodating. I requested late on the Sunday and she found someone to come in for the Monday. Thank you, Ilya.


September 2018 | Meetings Workshops And Conference Space

Great venue, I had a ton of fun! Very nice staff. Would recommend!


September 2018 | Private Party Venue

Thank you for the space! Staff was helpful and kind. Had what we needed. The only downside is that the only washroom was downstairs but the upstairs patrons were respectful and didn't cause any trouble.


August 2018 | Private Stage And Bar

The space had be repainted and the pictures did not accurately depict the location. For some groups this might not be much of an issue. But, for our filmed interview, our director was disappointed we did not have the mural as a backdrop option.


August 2018 | Private Party Venue

Excellent space and service!!!


August 2018 | Private Party Venue

Great place for small-medium sized parties! The space was perfect.


July 2018 | Private Party Venue

Great place! Ilya kept in touch with me all throughout & answered any questions needed. The space was amazing for my pop-up & business launch party... I’ll definitely be getting this space again!


June 2018 | Private Stage And Bar

Great team very accommodating can't wait to use it again!


June 2018 | Private Party Venue

I really enjoyed using the space! We did use the upstairs, despite booking the basement, since the upstairs event was cancelled. I appreciated the upgrade and enjoyed working with the staff! Overall, great experience.


June 2018 | Private Party Venue

The space was amazing and allowed us to have an incredible event that many enjoyed!!!


May 2018 | Private Party Venue

What a great venue to rent during the day. Private, quiet, air conditioned and in a great location. Ilya was super helpful and the Smiling Buddha had the right vibe. Highly recommended!


May 2018 | Private Stage And Bar

The photos don't do this place justice. It's a perfect gem - it was exactly what I was looking for to host a birthday party at. Also, their staff are rockstars! My friends had a blast. Will be back. Thanks!


April 2018 | Private Party Venue

Ilya was great and prompt in helping me secure a spot for my daughter's surprise birthday party. Especially because on short notice and my life would have been in peril if I'd come up short in arranging her surprise! The host Cheyenne(spelling?) was awesome in helping to make sure things ran smoothly once we got there. And she did double duty as the bartender as well! Way to go! Everybody loved her and she was so friendly to boot! Everyone loved the space! Great ambience and we sang and danced the night away till 2am! Would book the space again! Thanks! Vin


April 2018 | Private Party Venue

Last minute event but Ilya was so nice. Communication was good too. Night was good and everyone had fun:)


April 2018 | Private Party Venue

Excellent space. Ilya and the owners were really nice and accommodating to all our needs and requests :)


March 2018 | Private Party Venue

Great space and awesome staff. They helped make a great party


December 2017 | Private Party Venue

We had a great time!