Scott C.

Active May 1, 2017

Pop Up Retail Space

Trinity - Bellwoods - Toronto, ON

Gallery And Event Space

Trinity - Bellwoods - Toronto, ON


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August 2016 | Gallery And Event Space

Our temporary store at Rally was a great success with lots of credit due to the venue and Scott. We were welcomed to make the space our own and felt well supported through the experience. Scott was quick with solutions to even our most challenging requests and helpful in the background being sure the small details were taken care of too. Thanks again for your great hospitality!


November 2016 | Pop Up Retail Space

Rally has been a welcoming host to a number of elaborate activations that I have helped coordinate at 12 Ossington. Scott and the crew there are incredibly thoughtful, patient, helpful, and well-resourced. The space lends itself well as a blank canvas, and we've been pleased to make full use of all the amenities. Thanks again, Rally folk!


December 2016 | Wishlist Micro Retail Market

Scott took care of us the entire time we were in the space (23 days total). He was super accommodating and was quick to help if things weren't to our liking. It's a shame he only manages the one space because I would heavily rely my next booking on him being a part of the team I'm renting from.