Reviews for Andreya


June 2018


Andreya's Response:

I agree, I made a mistake when viewing the finalized booking and as I said, due to the miscommunication Daniel was able to accommodate me. If I had been asked to pay an additional hour I would have but I only used the space for 2 hours. When told that I messed up the timing, I was upset with myself for screwing up and never said anything negative toward Daniel but confided in my team. I never gave attitude when Daniel asked me if he could make a smoothie in the middle of our shoot. He asked if he could and I simply told him no because I thought a blender would disturb our shoot and make my subjects uncomfortable. I didn't think it was appropriate at the time. I apologize for bringing such a negative energy to your space, Daniel, and I should have read the booking more clearly. I want to make it clear that any miscommunication was my own fault and not Daniels. I typically plan shoots more in advance but due to some personal issues, I was unfortunately ill-prepared. I was only commenting on my opinion of the studio itself as I'm not a huge fan of the space (that's nothing personal just preference), not the person running it. But I only wish the best of luck to Daniel's business in the future. Thank you for hosting us.


April 2018

Had a wonderful experience hosting Andreya and her group in the studio once again. Look forward to the next occasion... :)

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