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August 2019 | Stylish And Intimate Loft For Any Event

Oh man. So many positives! Will is who you’ll meet with, then Lorus follows up with booking details. They make a great team and operate in roles which leverage their strengths well. This space is perfect for a cozy, unique hosting space - I needed a “home away from home” for a birthday party and this was spot on. The patio in the back is uber cute. This would be great for a pop-up art event, performance, dance video shoot, literally anything. They keep this space relatively blank slate and minimal and it’s nice. Note that the fridge is a mini fridge. no A/C so it could get warm in the day. For our nighttime rental this was not an issue as we opened the doors. I largely value that there were no noise, time, or silly capacity restrictions which I found in my hunt otherwise. I was able to comfortably host my party with no worries. They provided very detailed and easy-to-follow instructions immediately after my booking on everything I could possibly ask for. Lorus is clearly detail-oriented and has provided every little thing down to hand sanitizer and a first aid kit in the bathroom. They even kindly put out a deck of cards and some extra string lights on the coffee table for me to use. The space unlocks with you texting a number which remotely unlocks the door for you- I loved this feature. It looks exactly as it does in the pictures and is a great vibe. The only thing I would say is be sure to research/get instructions on how to add your music to their Sonos speaker in advance, and be aware that there is a camera in the space. This would be a gem of a find anywhere, but especially in LA, this is a good find with the intersection of space, hosts, convenience, rules, etc. Overall, I would definitely rent this space again, and strongly recommend that you do too!