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* The listed $300 day rate is for an 8 hour booking. For bookings of 9+ hours, please see day rates listed at the bottom of this information sheet.

* Cleaning fee varies by the group size and event type. Please see cleaning fee details at the bottom of this information sheet.

Faye Smith Makeup & Hair is one of Vancouver's leading makeup and hair artist agencies and are the primary users of this fantastic space. Makeup and Hair Artist chair rental and full photography studio space rental are available. This space is also suitable for small events.

This space is a loft with extremely high ceilings, and floor to ceiling windows, meaning we get lots of natural light which is great for photography! We are north facing and have a small balcony so this space is always aired nicely.

There are 3 makeup and hair stations, a reception area and lots of retail products, as well as a full kitchen and downstairs bathroom.

* All of the space on the second floor is used for cosmetic tattooing, lash and brow services, and office space, and is not available to rent unless requested (additional fees apply).

* During the time of your rental, quiet office work may be taking place upstairs behind closed curtains (our office hours are 9am until 5pm Wednesday through until Monday), and occasionally silent services will take place. Please, if you need the entire space to be private for bookings such as intimate photoshoots (Boudoir) and video recording (complete silence is required), please let us know upon requesting your booking so we can arrange to use our amenity for our office work during your rental.

The decor is absolutely stunning and unique. White, cream, gold, and wood. Fully decked out with vintage furniture including a large chandelier, chaise lounge, vintage vanities, extravagant mirrors, hanging silk plants, crystal lamps and more. This space is like none you will have seen before. This studio is certainly the pride and joy of Faye Smith Agency and we are more than excited to share it with chair and space renters. 20 fold up chairs and one fold up table are available for your use. You are welcome to bring in more furniture if needed.

Makeup and hair artist service available! Please enquire.

Lower Level Rates are as follows:
8hrs $300* Listed day rate.
10hrs $350
12hrs $400

Full Studio Rental is as follows:
8hrs $700
10hrs $800
12hrs $900

Cleaning Fees:
1-5 people …………………………………………………….…..$25
6-10 people ……………………………………………………....$40
11-19 people ……………………………………………………..$60
20+……………………………………………………...…….….. $75

We do not accept bookings past 10pm or overnight bookings.

Available Hours


Hourly: $39/hour
Daily: $300/day
Weekly: not available
Monthly: not available
Security Deposit: $500
Cleaning Fee: $50
Minimum Booking: 1 hour

pricing guarantee
Cancellation protection up to 48-hours + $2,000,000 Host Insurance

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Ground Floor
Natural Light
Security System
Alcohol Permitted
Basic Kitchen
Outdoor Space
Air Conditioning
Wheelchair Accessible
Catering Allowed
Fitting Room
Commercial Kitchen
Fitness Friendly


Alcohol permitted

Catering allowed

* We may ask to be able to conduct lash and brow services on the 2nd level during your rental. These are generally silent services, shouldn't disturb your rental and a curtain can be closed for more privacy. Please let us know if you do wish for us to take clients on the upper level during your rental.
*We do not accept rentals past 10 pm.
* Our day rate is for an 8hr day $300. 10hrs is $350 and 12hrs $400. Includes first level rental only.
* Cleaning fee varies depending on how many people are going to be in here and what for. Please read our studio description to see the price break down.
* Only child friendly if an adult is closely watching them as we have a lot of breakable antique furniture and retail.
* 1 fold up table and 20 fold up chairs are available for your use.

Please enquire for more information =] We are flexible!





December 2018

Beautiful space filled with very elegant furniture and a lot to work with. Lighting is amazing when the weather is dark outside and doing a photoshoot in that space was amazing. I would definitely book this space again.


December 2018

awesome space, looks stunning


December 2018

The studio is exceptionally beautiful, and there was a lot of room to play with :) Though there was a scheduling mix-up, Faye handled it very professionally and always provided us with options that are helpful. Definitely recommending this place for photography :)

Faye's Response:

I was unaware of any scheduling mix-up. What are you talking about? You are in the schedule exactly as was booked. And to my knowledge, arrived and left exactly as was booked. Please let me know what happened.


December 2018

Such an exquisite location, easily accessible, clean and classy. I will definitely be renting this space again! Thank you


November 2018

Great space! Super easy to communicate and book.


November 2018

Everything about this space was beautiful! It was the perfect match for our event. The studio clean , beautifully decorated and Faye was so helpful!


November 2018

Faye was super nice on what's expected of us guests, DOS and Don't so nothing was left up for assumptions. Communication was great, Faye responded to my messages in a timely matter and was super sweet! I would recommend this place! Do keep in mind to give yourself extra time for setting up and cleaning up since we forgot about that and had to rush a lot! The studio is beautiful and is exactly like the pictures shown.


November 2018

Hi Faye, first of all, I absolutely loved your space and would definitely (and already have) recommended your space to many of my friends. I would say that this was the best party ever, but I can't, and I won't. No matter how polite or patient I was with the renters before us, they refuse to listen. When I entered by myself it was around 3:58 (I don't understand how anyone can be so technical and call that 'before 4pm') I remembered your message to me about the renters before us finishing up at 4pm sharp and cleaning up then departing at 4:20pm sharp, I agreed with no hesitation. So I entered, one of the renters spoke to me about her client being late to their appointment so they need a bit to finish up. My understanding was they needed around 10 minutes (they actually told me that they needed around 10 minutes) so I happily agreed, since in the message you sent me said they're be cleaned up and out by 4:20. So seeing they are still renting the place I went on greeting the renters and coming in to set up. When we moved everything we needed into the space it was 4:18 ( they kept on telling us they need 10 more minutes) and the renters say that they have not finished up yet. It was around the time when we were told we would have the space ready and emptied, but the renters ignored us, I felt insulted when they ignored my mother, but mostly because they ignored me. I tried informing them politely many times to try and finish up because we need to set up and it's going to take a long time to finish placing everything and organizing everything. I informed this to the renters as well, that it will take us a while to set up. They keep on saying they'll need more time. Now it seems that the renters before us blame it all on me, but I wonder why they were behind schedule? Oh that's right, it was because the client was late, she did not respect us, nor did she respect our time. (by the way, the civil lady was the one applying the makeup and the other renter woman was the one who was late to the appointment). She said a lot of rude, insulting and blunt things to my mom even though they fully knew she does not understand or speak English. I held back tears while she told me things about my mom I definitely did not want to hear on my birthday. They told me that she was rude, that she doesn't deserve their respect (where?) and certainly a lot more blunt words. It's unfortunate that I have to say this... but I completely broke down after the two renters have left. I cried because of all this anxiety that the renters put on me. I was expecting a good birthday, I wasn't expecting a perfect one, but even just a good day would have been acceptable, but no, I can't even have one special day in the entire year. Now, this is coming from me, not my mother, not anyone else. After the two ladies left I starting sobbing. I hated that feeling, I was hoping people here would be kinder, more understanding, more respectful than this. I guess I was wrong because what I saw that day was everything but respect. I was absolutely shocked at the two renters behaviour towards me and my mother. I admit that my mother raised her voice, (but scream? She would never.) but she did not swear or use any course/insulting language, she simply told the two renters to vacate the area because we were promised the space by 4:20. However, they just sat there, talking, laughing and ignoring us completely, not showing us even a little hint that they are trying to hurry the process, even just a little bit. They did not 'run' out of the space, one of them even had the luxury to stand there and talk crap about my mother right in my face like she was proud of it. But I stood firm, listening to every insulting word she said about my mother, I tried not to cry, I tried not to say anything that would make her talk. Every word she said to me about my mother on that day...I want to forget about it. But I can't. Later I had to tell my mom to not worry about this, she urged me to translate what the lady had said about her but I refused. Even if my day was ruined and teared into shred, I did not want to ruin my mothers day. While I repeatedly apologized to the renters, they never even muttered an apology, let alone a 'sorry'.My birthday was ruined. If it weren't for my understanding friends who attended it, I would've completely lost it. Now they come to you, complaining about our 'terrible' behaviours towards them. And you, seemingly believing every word of it without even hearing our side... Yes we are sorry to hear that you've lost money, but we've lost something even more precious than 'money'; we lost happiness. We, and mostly I, have lost faith in people like you. I have never experienced such a rude incident in my life and for sure have never met anyone more disrespectful than this lady. Faye, I am sorry that you have to deal with all of this.

Faye's Response:

Hey Cera. Thanks for your reply. The agreement was that you would start setting up around the artist and her customer who would still be working or finishing up. That was the agreement in which I accepted your booking, otherwise, I would have declined your request or offered a 5pm start time only. The makeup artist and her customer took up one corner of the room. There was more than enough room for both parties to complete their work and be happy. You had been welcomed to start setting up around them. That is all this situation needed in order for everyone to be happy. It was unfortunate that the customer was late, but in a situation like that, all that needs to be done is for everyone to be understanding of one another and find solutions. Your birthday would not have been ruined if you and your Mother would have done that and under no circumstance should voices be raised like that. I do have security cameras and have watched the footage.


November 2018

The space was perfect for my photo shoot, it had fantastic decor, light and more than I’d hoped.


November 2018

Beautiful space! The entire experience with Faye was a breeze and she was so lovely to work with. The room and space was absolutely beautiful and worked so well for our photo shoot. I highly recommend this studio and Faye.

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