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Vintage Light Studios is an open concept industrial loft with a vintage style theme and lots of window light. We've got a bunch of vintage couches and other furniture which you can use for your shoot. It's the perfect space for a photo/video shoot with walls that each have a different theme that can be used as backgrounds. We have a ton of grip equipment from stands to clamps and other assorted grips gear. Please note we DO NOT supply backdrops but they can be used for $30 each.

Included Gear List:
- 4x Godox AD400 heads
- 2x Nanlite 500 lights
- 4x White & black V-flats
- 2xC-stands
- 6+ Light stands of different sizes
- 2x Heavy duty rolling boom stands
- Elinchrom 120cm LiteMotiv softbox
- Parabolix 30 Parabolic light shaper
- 5' Octodome w/ Optional Grids
- 2x 1x4 Strip Boxes w/ Optional Grids

Daily rental is assumed to be 8 hours. Additional time above the 8 hours is billed at $125/hour

When you inquire about availability please make sure you include how many hours you will need the studio and be sure to factor in setup and cleanup time.

Available Hours


Hourly: $160/hour
Daily: $1,600/day
Weekly: $6,000/week
Monthly: not available
Security Deposit: $1000
Minimum Booking: 2 hours

pricing guarantee
Cancellation protection up to 48-hours + $2,000,000 Host Insurance

Always communicate on thisopenspace. To protect your payment, never transfer money or communicate outside of thisopenspace. Learn more


Natural Light
Fitting Room
Basic Kitchen
Air Conditioning
Alcohol Permitted
Security System
Ground Floor
Commercial Kitchen
Fitness Friendly
Outdoor Space
Catering Allowed
Wheelchair Accessible


Alcohol permitted

Catering allowed

Rental Payment
Full payment is required to secure your desired date. We do not do deposits and DO NOT hold dates

Cancellations / Rebooking
Canellations and rebooking are governed by the terms of This Open Space

Extra Charges Based On Rental Time
If you go more than 5 minutes past your agreed upon finish time and it was not approved by Vintage Light Studios, you will be billed for an additional hour at $150/hour for every hour you're over.
If you have to go overtime you MUST contact Vintage Light Studios and have it approved in which case the extra time will be billed at $113/hour
If you impact the renter after you by running late, hourly billing is $200/hour plus any costs incurred by the renter after you.
The door lock and security cameras will tell us when you exited the studio.

Studio Security
The studio is monitored by security cameras and they are not to be blocked or tampered with in any way.
If the cameras are tampered with by moving, blocking or disconnecting them there is a $500 penalty for doing so

Insurance & Liability
Anyone renting at Vintage Light Studios MUST have their own shoot insurance
Vintage Light Studios will not be held accountable for any accidents that happen in the studio to you or your team.
Any insurance related issues are the sole responsibility of the renter.
By signing the rental contract, you waive Vintage Light Studios from any liability from your rental

Failure To Lockup After Your Rental
You are responsible for locking up the studio when you leave. When you close the door, tap the keypad and press the lock icon in the bottom right. You will hear the door's deadbolt close. Test the door to make sure it is locked.
If you do not lock up you will be billed $500
If you failed to lock up and any equipment is stolen or there is damage to the studio you will be charged accordingly for the losses/damage in addition to the $500.

Rental Studio Automation
Vintage Light Studios uses an automated access system. We are very rarely present when you come in for your rental.
In the event that you can not gain access to the studio, we will extend your rental time or credit you for the lost time.
Vintage Light Studios will not compensate you for any contractor costs or be held financially liable for any other costs.
Photographers/videographers should have their own shoot insurance for those situations.

You are required to clean up after your rental.
If you come in and the studio is not clean please notify us immediately
The space should be as clean or better as when it was provided to you.
Garbage bags are located on the shelf behind the red curtain next to the makeup table.
Take any garbage/recycling out to the dumpster in the back parking lot.
If the space is not left clean you will be charged a $200 cleaning fee

Photography Equipment
Vintage Light Studios includes in the price access to our photography and video lighting systems and all the grip equipment.
Seamless paper backdrops ARE NOT included in your rental. To use a seamless paper backdrop there is a charge of $25 with HST per backdrop. If you use backdrops without paying for them you will be charged $100.
Any damage to the equipment will be billed to you at a price for replacement or repair.
If you mistakenly take one of our radio triggers for the lighting system you MUST return it immediately. If it's not returned within 3 hours of your notification you will be charged $500 for the trigger.

Smoking/Open Flame
SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED. Under no circumstances can anyone smoke in the studio or in the building. This includes vaporizers. All smoking MUST be done outside the building
Absolutely no open flame is permitted inside the studio such as candles

Smoke Machines
It's ok to use smoke machines in the studio
All smoke must be cleared by the time your rental ends as it will potentially impact the next renters.
In the case that it is not clear and the next renters are affected by the residual smoke in the space, you will be subject to any costs incurred by the next renters or production schedule issues associated with the renter coming in after you.

There are 2 washrooms are located on the 3rd floor across from the elevators.
Keys for the washroom will be hanging by the entry door to the studio.

Noise Levels / Sound System
There are other people that work in my building and the walls & floors are not particularly soundproofed so I EXPECT you to keep the volume down at any time of day.
There is a Sonos sound system in the studio for you to use. All you have to do is connect to the WIFI network to pair your device with it.
It's fine to have some ambient tunes going but if you have to talk loudly over your music it is too loud.
If I get noise complaints, you will have to pay a $500 surcharge.





January 2022

Amazing! Better than the pictures. Definitely recommended


January 2022

This space is absolutely amazing. We had so much fun with the space!


November 2021

Nice space


April 2021

An amazing space with everything you could need!


November 2020

Great space! Will book again.


October 2020

This place is so beautiful and exactly like the photos. Spacious studio, plenty of options to shoot it and get different shots. The day was gloomy but there was still a lot of light coming from the big windows. And communication was always great! Definitely recommend.


September 2020

Beautifully decorated! Absolutley amazing space

Andrea Bianca

February 2020

What a beautiful studio! The owner was easy to communicate with! We asked to extend another hour on the day of the shoot. Good thing it was available! I will definitely be back!!!


August 2019

A fantastic space! It’s so great to have several studio set ups in one location. The natural light is wonderful, and the design is brilliant.


April 2019

Beautiful space!

    The minimum booking time for this space is 2 hours.

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