Massive Bi Level Luxury Studio Loft

2300 SqFt


One of the most exciting spaces in Los Angeles, our luxury studio loft is just 2 miles from Venice Beach and has a modern Bohemian style that is perfect for your next meeting, event, workshop or production.

Our studio is a very spacious 2300 square feet, with beautiful polished concrete floors, a private office, full kitchen and hundreds of feet of private outdoor patio space, with tall bamboo plants and outdoor patio furniture. Each room has custom lighting and is tastefully decorated with lightweight, beautiful contemporary furniture that is easy to restyle within minutes.

There is plenty of free street parking nearby and I designed our loft (which doubles as my photography studio) to be easily customizable to fit a variety of purposes, from events and off-site workshops to photography and film productions. Our decor is a perfect fusion of Moroccan décor and bleeding edge smarthome technology, via Alexa. Everything from the vertical blinds to the television, projector, dozens of lights and the music are controlled with simple voice commands.

The main downstairs area is a massive open layout with 16 foot high walls and floor-to-ceiling windows that allows for easy lighting setup. The afternoon natural light is positively angelic in every room.

There is a large private office with sliding frosted glass doors that works remarkably well for breakout space, meetings, a makeup room or wardrobe changing area. Several commercial productions and short films have even utilized the office as a green room for talent.

The kitchen is an open concept, modern kitchen with a rolling kitchen island that can be easily pushed out of the way to make additional room. Our kitchen has been used for several Internet cooking shows, as well as commercial lifestyle projects.

Our large private patio has amazing 25’ tall bamboo plants and patio furniture, perfect for portrait or fashion photography. The patio wraps around our entire loft, which makes it an ideal staging area. Every room in our loft may be lit from outside via the patio.

Downstairs has a 65" HDTV with HDMI inputs on a rolling cart, as well as 40 plastic foldup chairs, five 8-foot banquet tables and comfortable lounge-style furniture.

The upstairs lounge has a 4K HD projector with a 100” motorized projection screen, which is wonderful for hosting private screenings. Just say “Alexa, turn on the projector”. There is also a gorgeous rattan daybed with a Moroccan themed cushion, Indoor plants and foliage and additional modular sofa pieces that may be reconfigured to create chairs, couches, loveseats or sectionals.

We also have grip equipment (C-stands, clamps) that can be used at no charge.

Available Hours


Hourly: $89/hour
Daily: $700/day
Weekly: not available
Monthly: not available
Minimum Booking: 4 hours

pricing guarantee
Cancellation protection up to 48-hours + $2,000,000 Host Insurance

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Ground Floor
Natural Light
Fitting Room
Security System
Fitness Friendly
Outdoor Space
Air Conditioning
Catering Allowed
Wheelchair Accessible
Alcohol Permitted
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Catering allowed

Alcohol permitted

At least one of us will remain on-site during rentals to assist you with questions or concerns, but we do our best to stay out of your way and give you space until we are needed.

- Our building is quiet, with working professionals and residences. Our building has a zero tolerance for noise disturbances such as loud music, partying, screaming, stomping on the stairs/railings, etc. To avoid interruption of your rental, please be respectful of our home and our neighbors. No DJs, or outside speakers and amps are allowed.

- For your protection and for ours, there are 12 security cameras recording video and audio to cloud servers. These are actively monitored. Blocking, disabling, unplugging or tampering with the cameras will immediately end your rental. If a camera plug or wire is interfering with your production, come speak to one of us and we can relocate it. There are no cameras in the restrooms and we recommend using them for changing.

- For the sake of noise, privacy and A/C, please do not leave the front door standing open.

- No food or colored drinks on clothed furniture (sofas, loveseats, chairs, papasan)

- All activities must be kept inside of our loft, or on the patio. The common areas of the building (courtyard, pool, gym, etc) may not be used for filming, staging, storing equipment or congregating.

- Good communication and cooperation is essential for the success of your rental. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests. We don’t tolerate disrespectful comments, arguing about rules, hard drug use or pornography. If we feel that our safety is at risk, or that a renter is being uncooperative, then we will end the rental.

- We require a detailed call sheet for all film/photo productions, which should include a list of talent and crew, as well as which areas are being used at roughly which times. This helps us to understand your needs and make accommodations for your production (such as where to put our two cats, removing our personal items, etc).

- Non-human animals (dogs, cats, birds, etc) are not allowed without prior permission.

- Your rental end time is your departure time and is a ‘hard out’, meaning that the last person should be leaving at your rental end time. Because of this, we recommend beginning your cleanup in advance. Overtime is billed in 30-minute increments at a 1.5x rate and is not guaranteed, as we may have something else scheduled.

- Your load in and load out must have zero impact on our neighbors and surrounding businesses. Equipment must be brought directly to our space, with no staging in the common areas such as the courtyard. Quiet voices must be used outdoors.

- Any changes to décor and furniture arrangements must be approved with us ahead of time, prior to your rental date. We have many fragile pieces and proper steps must be taken to protect our pieces.

- Do not jump on or overburden furniture.

- Do not sit or stand on coffee tables, end tables, countertops, or the kitchen island.

- Cabinets, drawers and the contents within contain personal property and are off limits.

- For larger photo/film productions (crews of 10 or more) you may cover high traffic areas (that aren’t being filmed) with mats, or wear shoe slipcovers to preserve carpets.

- Proof of insurance is required for all events and productions with more than five people. We recommend low cost daily insurance at [link hidden] , which covers all events, photoshoots and filming.

- You may not place any signage anywhere outside of our suite (on the building, in the elevator or other common areas).

- The following streets have free street parking: Redwood, Maxella, Hager, Sunnyside, Ida, Tivoli, Michael, Alla. All but one side of Redwood, Sunnyside and part of Ida have unlimited free parking. We have never seen a time when these streets don’t have ample parking, but please be aware that we have no control over parking availability.

- High speed Internet is provided as a courtesy, but please be aware that we can’t control Internet outages. Traffic is monitored, so please do not download illegal content.

- No helium balloons, lit candles, burning sage, confetti, glitter, smoke, powder, fog and feathers are allowed.

- By rental end time, the location should be as it was when you arrived. This includes basic cleaning (picking up trash) and moving items back to their original locations. A $500 flat cleaning fee will be charged if the space is not restored to pre-rental condition.

- For religious reasons, no occult activities including, but not limited to: seances, astrology, witchcraft, Ouija, tarot, crystal, etc is permitted.

- Our computer workstation is off limits, as well as any phones or tablets of ours.



    The minimum booking time for this space is 4 hours.

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