Meet thisopenspace

We are curious explorers, finding new spaces in unexpected places to bring them into a global community marketplace

Our Story

We started thisopenspace in 2015, but the real story began two years before when we opened a permanent pop-up retail space, one of the first of its kind in the world.

We were a very different company back then, and looking for the perfect space for a product launch. For weeks, we knocked on doors of vacant spaces; empty retail stores, galleries, and even coffee shops to book for a weekend, only to be turned away.

That’s when we decided we could do better and took the lease on an open space - what followed was magic. The space transformed over the next few months into a pop-up streetwear boutique, japanese knife shop, makerspace, yoga studio, and even an elopement-style wedding chapel. We hosted events, photoshoots, meetings, and workshops. Local brands that started their first retail store with thisopenspace soon went on to open their very own brick and mortar locations.

Inspired by these brands and the creative people behind them, thisopenspace was born. We still have the original space that started everything. Today, we’re on a mission to make it easy for any brand to access any space, anywhere, for an hour to a few months.

Onwards & Upwards,

Yashar Nejati
Co-Founder & CEO

Our Values

Together, we are building the future of commercial real estate. We build products and make decisions around our core values. They drive our contribution to the world.

Seek first to understand

Everybody has something to learn. The decisions we make are guided by empathy and our ability to receive deep communication. To broaden our understanding of our users and the world, we surround ourselves by people with diverse experiences and backgrounds.

be ambitious

Be ambitious

Only hard problems are worth solving. Success is the ability to push past great and create magic. This takes persistence day after day. By setting the highest standards for ourselves we create our best work of our lives here.


Stay curious

There is always a better solution. Every day we venture into new territory and look at problems deeper. We are not satisfied with the way things are. We ask questions and are curious about how things work. We are adaptive and open to an infinite number of possibilities.


Be resourceful

Finding a way to get it done is our superpower. If we can do more with less, we can do more.

be ambitious

Empower people

Knowledge increases by sharing. Transparency allows us to readily pass on things we know to be true and share wisdom with those inside and outside our company. We choose actions that bring happiness and success to others.